March 3, 2015

A quick message from Tom: From my review of Pizzetta in November: If you search for “Mystic date night”, you’ll see that we currently rank #5 (the blog) and #6 (our Twitter account, which you definitely should be following: @MysticDateNight). That’s pretty good! Do you know what’s…

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January 5, 2015

Connecticut Magazine came out with their Best Restaurants: Experts’ Picks for 2015 article in their January edition. It’s great to see Mystic restaurants highlighted and now is the perfect time of year to enjoy them, without the crowds and 2 hour long waits! Best New Restaurant Red 36…

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January 2, 2015

Many of you noticed that we took a bit of a break this holiday, and there was a very good reason: we needed to take a break and go on holiday! Below are some of the pics that show what we’ve been up to. We…

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November 15, 2014

From JB: This past Thursday night I enjoyed girls night with Lizzie at Bravo Bravo. Bravo is pretty much our favorite restaurant in Mystic and although we’ve gone occasionally over the years, we’ve shared more restaurant week meals there than anything. I ordered (off the restaurant…

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September 23, 2014

From Jill: The Olde Mistick Village is home to a variety of shops, a few restaurants and the very best festival that Mystic has to offer – Garlic Fest! Garlic Fest was held on September 20th and 21st this year, making it the 7th year running. The village…

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September 19, 2014

Current rankings as of May 20, 2015: 1. Abbott’s Lobster in the Rough 2. Post 390 – disqualified because it’s in Boston, not Mystic. But the crab cakes there are delicious! 2. Latitude 41 3. La Luna 42. Bravo Bravo

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September 7, 2014

Mystic Eats, not to be confused with a Taste of Mystic, is a brand-new event debuting for the first time this weekend in the very heart of Mystic. Approximately 25 or so vendors are participating to show off what the local restaurants have to offer. JB…

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September 6, 2014

Here’s a quick post that has nothing to do with Mystic. Today in my post on Red 36 I mentioned that I’ve never been to Golden Corral. While that is true, that doesn’t stop me from loving their commercials, and they have one of my…

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August 30, 2014

We’re two people with one plan. Details to follow! Speaking of which… You can follow us on Twitter at @MysticDateNight (and Instagram).

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