Preview: Latitude 41

With the Mystic Outdoor Art Festival in downtown this weekend we figured it would be best avoid the downtown area and so for dinner we are going to Latitude 41. Latitude 41 is located at the Mystic Seaport and is part of the Coastal Gourmet Group that runs the Mystic Markets (East and West) and Aspen Restaurant in Old Saybrook.

Tom on Latitude 41’s website

It has the phone number on the home page!

JB on latitude

As the restaurant so obviously points out Mystic falls at the 41.3556 degree North latitude which means we are 41 degrees north of the equator and considered a temperate zone. You may be surprised to know that Mystic shares the 41 degree North latitude with Rome, Italy (at 41.9000) and Barcelona, Spain (at 41.3833)1.

Tom on the restaurant that was there before Latitude 41

Before Latitude 41 was Latitude 41, it was the Seaman’s Inne. (Feel free to insert your own joke here.) You laugh, but it was such a popular place that Rob Simmons decided to hold his campaign’s election night party there back in 2000. He won, and I remember seeing it on TV and thinking, “I should go to there.” I was young, just out of college, unemployed, and very politically engaged. It was half a mile from mile apartment, and yet… I didn’t go2. Side note: we saw (Former) Congressman Simmons at this year’s Mad Hatter event, where he donated a lot money to worthy causes. Seemed like a swell dude.

JB on Latitude 41

I have been to the restaurant once and to the Shipyard Tavern once. The Shipyard Tavern is located at the back of the restaurant and is just a fancy word for bar area. The main restaurant is spacious and is great for accommodating large groups, which was perfect since my first visit was for my Mom’s birthday dinner that we celebrated with family who came to Mystic for a night. I only have vague memories of the food itself, which if I am remembering correctly was delicious.

JB on what to expect tonight

Driving by the restaurant on a Friday or Saturday night and you’re almost guaranteed to see a group of people in fancy clothes heading that way as the restaurant is a heavily used space for weddings that occur at or near the Mystic Seaport. With that in mind I’m still expecting a relatively quiet and relaxing atmosphere to enjoy my meal.

Tom on his favorite Latitude 41 memory

Out friends Michael and Rosie had their wedding reception there years ago. It was epic.



  1. Huge soccer powerhouses! Just saying. In related news, tonight I will be wearing the Revolution polo in which I met Scott Bakula. — Tom
  2. I am, after all, a Democrat. But it looked like he had a lot of shrimp cocktail at his party… OK, I didn’t go, but it was toss-up.

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