Mango's Wood Fire Pizza Co.

JB and Tom split the Tomato and Mozzarella starter along with the Buff Chick and Manny’s Hogwild specialty pizzas.

If you missed it, you can read the preview here.

JB on service

My biggest complaint in the past has been Mango’s service, but yesterday it was quick, efficient and without complaint! Our server was to the point taking our drink and food order as quickly as we could decide on them. From there the starter and pizza’s came out in a timely manner and the whole meal from start to finish was less than an hour (perfect for a lunch date!).

Tom on the service

I agree with Jill, it was all bizz-niss… exactly what you need during your lunch break!

JB on one thing they could improve upon

The plates! There is nothing necessarily wrong with them but they are cheap plastic plates that don’t go with the vibe of the restaurant; it felt like I was at an outdoor picnic not a higher end pizza restaurant. Also after having had the tomato and mozzarella starter the plate was covered in tomato juice and balsamic dressing and no new plates were brought over when the pizza came out, so that was disappointing.

Tom on why plates are important

Don’t tell me you’ve already forgot about this.

Oneida 9711C Classic
Oneida 9711C Classic

JB on which pizza was supreme

Out of the two pizza’s we tried I was really digging the Manny’s Hogwild. It was pulled pork, BBQ sauce deliciousness!!

Tom on the best pizza place in Mystic

It’s Mango’s, and it’s not even close1. I was very lukewarm in my preview, having tried Mango’s a couple of years ago and coming away unimpressed. But in the years in between, they’ve figured it out. The two pizzas we had at Mango’s were the best I’ve had in Mystic, full stop. I’m not sure how they did it, but it probably helps that neither of them had any vegetables2.


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  1. It’s actually pretty close. Pizzetta is still excellent, I just said “it’s not even close” for dramatic effect. It worked, right?
  2. The buffalo chicken comes standard with roasted red peppers, and we requested they be omitted. This probably helped.

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