Voodoo Grill

JB ordered the Rotten Bayou Alligator Bites and the Buffalo Mac and Cheese.

Tom ordered the hot wings and jambalaya. 

Tom on the hot wings

In our preview I mentioned that Voodoo Grill used to have the best wings in all of southeastern Connecticut, but they just haven’t been the same in recent years. I’m thrilled to report that the wings are BACK! They were the perfect size1 and crispiness, and the sauce was extremely hot! The blue cheese served with them was very good quality, as were the carrots and celery served on the side. They nailed it! As for the jambalaya, I will have to defer my review until next time, as my taste buds were burned out.

JB on the Gator Bites

I was in the mood to get something that was a little unusual and ended up deciding on the Alligator Bites. I was really disappointed in the dish and would not recommend it to anyone purely from a value standpoint. Although I liked the gator meat there was almost none on my plate, it was 95% fried jalapeno rings. The gator pieces that were included were so small they were barely worth trying to pick out of the pile.

JB on who’s buffalo Mac-n-Cheese is better – Tom or Voodoo?!

The winner is ………. Tom! Voodoo comes in at a close second place and I would recommend it if your craving that sort of thing.

Tom on his buffalo chicken Mac-n-Cheese

There are lots of different “styles” of buffalo chicken Mac-n-Cheese, but I’ve got the secret to making any recipe better: add 150% more cheese! I had a bite of Jill’s, and it seems that Voodoo follows this rule.

JB on our social media

If you haven’t already noticed we also use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to keep our blog readers up to date on what we are up to – so check them out too because you may just get a spur of the moment live Instagram session of our meal!


Are you up to the challenge? #voodoocurseburger #mystic #voodoogrill

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Love sitting across the table from this guy #mysticct #voodoogrill

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Hot wings!!! #MysticCT

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Buffalo mac-n-cheese, is it better than Tom’s? We’re about to find out! #voodoogrill #mysticct

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Jambalaya time!!! #MysticCT #IJustAteALotOfWings

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We finished everything like champions!!! #MysticCT #WeAreTheChampions

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Just kidding! #WeAreNotTheChampions

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That seems normal.

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  1. You don’t want wings that are too big, or else you start worrying about hormones and steroids. Or at least I do!

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