Preview: Voodoo Grill

We’ve taken a bit of a hiatus, not in eating out but in blogging about those adventures, but we’re back! There has been an influx of new restaurants in Mystic this spring/summer but instead of checking any of them out we’re going to a tried and true – the Voodoo Grill.

JB on what to expect

It’s motto is “a taste of New Orleans right here in Mystic” and since I’ve never been to New Orleans I cannot substantiate the claim. What I do know is that it feels like a quaint, somewhat dirty (I’m not saying it is dirty, it just feels that way) little hole in the wall place to go.

Tom on what to expect

For years Voodoo Grill was one of my favorite places to go in Mystic, but it’s fallen off somewhat in terms of quality. The buffalo wings used to be the best in southeastern Connecticut, but somehow they’ve gotten smaller and less crispy. The jambalaya used to be out-of-this-world — now it’s just pretty good. I’m hoping for a turnaround, Voodoo… C’mon, we can do this!!!

JB on her first

A little off topic but a person has a lot of firsts in there life – first job, first day of school, first move across the country. It’s funny the firsts that make an impression on a person, the firsts that a person will just never forget. Voodoo is one of my firsts – the first restaurant I ate at in Mystic. My mom and I were headed to Margaritas for lunch but they don’t open for lunch so we ended up at Voodoo since they are practically next door.

Tom on how it’s not New Orleans

I’ve been to New Orleans, and I can happily report that Voodoo Grill does not smell like Bourbon Street on a Sunday morning1!

JB on Voodoo’s claim to fame

The Voodoo Curse Burger!!!!!

Tom on the Voodoo Curse Burger

I’ve long been tempted to take the challenge, but it is quite intimidating. I’ve solicited a lot of advice on how to go about winning the challenge if I ever decide to try it out, and the key seems to be to finish the gravy fries first. If you wait until the end, you’ll be left with a cold, congealed mass of potato and gravy.




  1. What does Bourbon Street on a Sunday morning smell like? Piss.

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