Mystic Soup Company

Last, last, last, last, last, last…… Friday we went to Mystic Soup Company.

Tom had the Turkey Meatball Soup and Carne Panini.

Jill had the Spiced Lentil and Miso Soup with Sausage and the Pollo Panini.

JB on the preview

If anyone can remember far back to when we first previewed Mystic Soup Company they may remember that I didn’t have much to say. Clearly I’m not the one who works with computers and had a bit of a glitch losing everything I typed up and it’s a bummer too becauseĀ for once I was the funny one1.

Tom on technical glitches

Yeah, I don’t know if forgetting to hit the save button is considered a “technical glitch”.

JB on the food

I’m not much of a soup person because I have a serious dislike of warm tomatoes (ie. tomato broth) which limits the types of soups available to me. Even chicken broth based soups I tend not to like and therefore steer clear of all soups about 98% of the time 2. In the end I ended up with a tomato based soup, the Spiced Lentil and Miso Soup with Sausage, only because I assumed it wasn’t tomato based and ordered it. Turns out it was really delicious but not the reason I’d return to MSC, that reason lies in the panini. They offer a large variety of panini’s and it was really hard to choose just one. My mission now is to get back there to try all of them!

Tom on the food

OK, it’s been so long since we’ve written the preview that I’ve actually gone back to Mystic Soup Company no less than three times since we’ve written it up! Yes, the soups are great, but the paninis blow me away. In addition to the Carne, I’ve had the Cordon (chicken, ham and swiss) and the Primi (prime rib, horseradish). I’ve gotten a lot of flack for not rating food, so let me be crystal clear: Mystic Soup Company is now my favorite place in Mystic to have lunch!

JB on seating

If you end up at the MSC on a rainy day (like we did) the seating options are pretty terrible. They have two small tables inside, both taken that day, and a couple tables outside, not taken because it was raining. Therefore it became a take out meal and we ate it back at Tom’s. For future patrons I would suggest this as a take out option only restaurant as you never know what availability in tables will be!

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  1. Obviously Tom is the comedian of the two of us so you’ll just have to take my word on this but I crushed it in the preview that got erased
  2. The 2% being french onion soup – I really love that

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