Preview: Mystic Soup Company

The Mystic Soup Company is a small restaurant tucked away behind the Sea Swirl Clam Shack1.

JB on soup

To be h

Tom on what the heck just happened?

JB? JB, are you there? Uh oh, looks like lost most of JB’s preview of the Mystic Soup Company. Gotta hit the save button, babe! OK, we only have a few hours before we go for lunch, so she’ll have to give you her preview in the review.

Tom on what to expect

I could tell you how Mystic Soup Company is one of the places that everyone I know has been to and raves about. I could tell you how despite this JB and I have never been there! I could tell you that it’s in the same building as where I took my driver’s education classes back in high school. I could tell you how it closes when they run out of soup (unconfirmed) and how everyone there says the people who work there are really nice.

I could tell you all that, but really, for better or worse, this is EXACTLY how I picture it:


  1. Which I can’t wait to review this summer! – JB

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